Insecurity thy name is…

The internet is a weird place and who am I to question the algorithms that power it or people’s whims of likes or dislikes? I thought this one up the other night while I was browsing comics on reddit and I was actually surprised by what other people found interesting or funny so I made this comic trying to poke fun at myself again for my insecurities when it comes to my drawings. Also I was being hyperbolic in the third panel. I don’t think my art is a “masterpiece” usually I am my own worst critic. The third panel is poking fun at this as well.

DON’T get into your own head, you’re messing this up for yourself. Just draw and enjoy getting back into the hobby you once loved.

Ok! Fine! I will! Don’t tell me what to do!


2 thoughts on “Insecurity thy name is…

    1. Nikolas Rex says:

      Indeed these are links to an old project I did for fun with redesigning old Settlers of Catan cards. If I can find the original files I may reupload for everyone to use but with the illustrations taken out (since those were just placeholder artpieces and not my own drawings)


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