Creatively Distracted

What can I say, guilty as charged. D&D gets me fired up creatively and I have a hard time going a single session without wanting to sketch out the main event that occurred or the coolest thing that happened. Sometimes it’s a single sketch or, if I feel the moment can’t be captured in a single sketch, I’ll end up creating a little comic depicting what happened. When we were roleplaying at a table all together as friends in person it was a lot easier to pay attention to what was going on because I’m a very visual person. However, now that we have begun to play via Discord and Fantasy Grounds, it is a lot easier to get lost in my drawings and lose focus. This was just my way of putting it all on paper.

Shown here is indeed a one page comic I drew of my halfling rogue Taves and his totally epic dual bladed dive on top of an owl bear (nat 20) which ended up being the final killing blow. It took me the rest of the session to finish the drawing and I was indeed distracted doing so. Hahahah. Thanks guys for being understanding! And thank you D&D for inspiring me to get back to drawing.

My first comic of this year featured a “meme’ in the 4th panel, sticking to that theme I decided to picture my “guilty” “caught” expression as the Shrek face. I think I captured said Shrek expression pretty well, but I’ll let others decide.

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