Only people who play Rex: Final Days of an Empire will understand…

Okay, so YES this is actually an old drawing I did back in 2017 when I FIRST tried my hand at webcomic stuff… before I was hit with depression like a ton of bricks and stopped drawing immediately thereafter… However, for the sake of things I’m resurrecting this one for funsies. Enjoy! (Only people who have played the Board Game Rex: Final Days of an Empire will really get this one). But basically the whole game is based around alliances and right at the very end I saw a way to break from my alliance and STILL win this game!

Legend has it that I am still breaking from alliances to this day! 😉

YES I bought the game mostly because it has my name in it, guilty as charged, however I ALSO bought the game because of the art, the sci-fi theme AND because I love DUNE and read that this game was based on a game based on the book Dune by Frank Herbert, so bonus, bonus, bonus!

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