Early Digital Art

Featured here is a gallery of all my early digital artwork, (High school and pre-college art). 2004 – 2009ish

I was first gifted a WACOM Intuos 3 back in 2004 (It is quite a piece of machinery as I am still using it today in 2021), and quickly began coloring my traditionally drawn sketches and ink drawings after scanning them in digitally. A lot of my early work was inspired by things I grew up with, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy, Halo, and a lot of video games that I was playing at the time. There were some original pieces I did as well, trying to do my own thing, but I mostly drew and colored things that I was playing or reading at the time (i.e. “fan” art).

I struggled with painting anything in muted colors and therefore bold, bright hues are a trademark of my early digital painting style. My drawings all have heavy manga/anime influences as well (this has not changed much from my early work honestly). I struggled drawing backgrounds for my work too so most of the time I just photoshopped a texture or something that back then I thought looked good but today looking back I cringe at, oh well.