Board Games

I have been working on several board game projects for over 5 years. I finally published my first board game independently on the The Game Crafter platform in 2020 (To The Strongest) and I am working on publishing a second one. Click below to explore each project individually.




When it comes to board game design my thought process usually goes immediately to how will the card look, what style/theme/motif do I want to go with?
What kind of border will the layout have?
What emotions can I invoke with color? Negative space?
What will my color palette look like? How many colors do I want to limit myself to?
What story can I tell with the art?
How can I best meld functionality to beauty so the information for the game can be read but still admired?

I tend to jump to prototyping as fast as possible and design at least a basic usable template on photoshop so that I can start putting the information to convey from my head onto the cards. I don’t like playing with handwritten cards and hand drawn maps.

Yes they have their place, and yes other designers might be fine with hand drawn sketched out stand ins, but if I’m going to be playtesting something, I usually like play testing with something very close to the final product.

I know it’s not usual, I know it sometimes leads to me redesigning a lot of things from the ground up, but most of the time I am happy with the first main design I come up with (with a couple of edits).